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Zhang Jian's Version of Mental Omega

zj 1.0.7

by Zhang Jian, the Silent

Preface (zj 1.0.0)

One feature of my work is systematizing / co-ordinating / rationalizing. For instance, I regulate and re-name the subfactions, so that all of their names are fairly two words and the second words begin with the same letter in the same faction (and with different letters in different factions):

Allied (the Allied Bloc): PA (Pacific Armies), NA (North America), EA (Euro Alliance);

Soviet (the Soviet Empire): HK (Havana Kingdom), RK (Russian Khanate), KK (Korea-Kashmir);

Epsilon (the Epsilon Domain): SC (Scorpion Cell), PC (Psi Corps), AC (Antarctic Castles);

Foehn (the Foehn Revolt): HH (Hai Head), CH (Coronian Hurricanes), LH (Last Home).

By the way, we’d better use fictional names. Don’t forget why “Command and Conquer: Generals” was doomed in China.

I rewrite (even redefine) all subfactions’ introductions, too:

Pacific Armies chills its foes to the bone even from long distance.

North America’s state-of-the-art laser precisely leads to victory.

Euro Alliance masters defensive tactics and firepower calculations.

Havana Kingdom employs flame, smoke and suicide in harassment and sabotage.

Russian Khanate is armed to the nuclei.

Korea-Kashmir’s advanced Tesla weaponry disables its enemies group by group.

Scorpion Cell swamps its targets with lethal poisons.

Psi Corps manipulates psychics and gravity.

Antarctic Castles is the lord of genes.

Hai Head excels at cyber techs and unit supports.

Coronian Hurricanes is the god of the heaven.

Last Home develops heavy tanks and nanofibers to keep it intact.

Another example is that I standardize heroes/heroines and epic units: 1 each subfaction has either two heroes or one hero + one epic; 2 in every faction two subfactions are one hero + one epic and one subfaction is two heroes; 3 all heroes and epics have obvious shortcomings, but every duo (either two heroes or one hero + one epic) is all-round; 4 every epic has special connections with its subfaction (the support powers, units, etc.).

This paper mainly consists of five Chapters.

Chapter One: I list all the buildings and units with some comments.

Chapter Two: the explanations for the fundamental changes of Allied’s and Soviet’s tech trees, and quite a few other discussions.

Chapter Three: more details in order.

Chapter Four: missions and sets (e.g. the ideal location for LH’s capital is Alert).

Chapter Five: other things.

I’m not proficient in setting stats for MO. So please forgive me that I omit most of numerical discussions. And the values I set need to rethink. (Of course, stats is very important for any game.)

There’re a lot of “?”s, which means I’m not sure whether the idea and/or number is good. Sometimes I even offer several options.

Chapter One

1 The Allied Bloc (Allied)

1.0 General

1.0.1 Structures

T1: Power Plant, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory, Navy Shipyard, Airbase (interchange with Soviet’s, but still $1500).

T2: Power Turbine (structure now, unlocked by either of the T2 lab -- either Airbase or Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute), Runway (T2 & Structure now, unlocked by Airbase), Avant-garde Skyscraper ($2250, unlocking some T3 & T2), Experimental Warpshop ($2250, unlocking some T3 & T2, allowed to be built more than one).

T3: Ore Purifier, Chronosphere, Weather Controller.

1.0.2 Defenses

T1: Concrete Walls, Gate, Pillbox, Anti-tank Mine (new), Patriot Missiles.

T2: Prism Tower.

T3: Grand Cannon, Gap Generator.

1.0.3 Infantry

T1: GI, GGI, Engineer, Attack Dog.

T2: Field Medic (unlocked by Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute), Rocketeer, Siege Cadre, Navy Seal (unlocked by Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute, C4 against vehicles, vessels, buildings and mines, uncrushable by normal vehicles).

T3: Spy, Chrono Legionnaire.

1.0.4 Vehicles

T1: Chrono Miner, Robot Tank (no longer anti-cloak), Archon IFV (common now).

Stolen Tech: Quickshifter (from Allied), Chrono Prison (from Epsilon), Future Tank (from Foehn).

1.0.5 Aircraft

T1: Osprey (from Destroyer).

T2: Stallion (unlocked by Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute; HP700=Cargo Plane).

T3: Barracuda, Cryocopter, Hummingbird, Black Widow (from support power), Hornet UAV (from Aircraft Carrier).

Stolen Tech: Lionheart (from Soviet, immune to EMP, boosted by Tesla Overcharge).

1.0.6 Navy

T1: Voyager, Destroyer.

T2: Aegis Cruiser, Dolphin (unlocked by Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute).

T3: Aircraft Carrier, Battleship.

1.0.7 Support powers

T1: Scan, Detect Pulse (now from Airbase, revealing cloaked units and subs).

T2: Black Widow ($800, no more jamming), Radar Jamming ($600, directly targetting an enemy’s radar to jam its and its allies’ radars), Backwarp, Chronolift.

T3: Warp Miner (from Ore Purifier, only one Chrono Miner, $0), Chronoshift (superweapon), Lightning Storm (superweapon).

1.1 Pacific Armies (PA)

1.1.1 Structures

T1: Remote Command (1 a shorter and better name for “Robot Ops Control Center”, 2 to avoid mislinking McNaughton Powersuit with PA).

1.1.2 Defenses

T1: Zephyrobot (from support power).

T3: Skyray, Cryo Mine (from Cryo Mine Burier).

1.1.3 Infantry

T3: Sniper (PA now, able to fire from opentopped transports?), Norio (hero, invisible on enemy radar), Zhang-Jian (hero, new, 120mm howitzer cannon + Thermal inversion cannon, the pronunciations of “Zhang (張)” and “Jian (箭)” are [tʂɑŋ55] and [tɕiæn51] respectively).

1.1.4 Vehicles

T1: Kappa Tank.

T2: Zephyr, PA MCV (unlocked by either Airbase or Remote Command).

T3: Hailstorm, Blizzard Tank, Battle Tortoise.

1.1.5 Aircraft

T1: Black Eagle (I’ll explain why Black Eagle is T1 not T2), Hunter-Seeker (from support power).

T3: Cryo Mine Burier (new pad airplane, to bury Cryo Mines anywhere, invisible on enemy radar), Hailjet (from Hailstorm).

1.1.6 Navy

1.1.7 Support powers

T1: Hunter-Seeker (fixed number of three, War Factory is out of business), Zephyrobot.

1.2 North America (NA)

1.2.1 Structures

T2: Satellite Uplink.

1.2.2 Defenses

1.2.3 Infantry

T3: Riot Trooper, Tanya (hero/heroine, Laser rifle + Ultimate C4 -- just a new name to distinguish Tanya’s from others’).

1.2.4 Vehicles

T1: Bulldog.

T2: McNaughton Powersuit (new version, NA & T2 now, replacing #Humvee), NA MCV (unlocked by either Airbase or Satellite Uplink).

T3: Statue of Liberty Cannon (deployed to toggle between free fire and hold fire mode -- this idea comes from @瞌睡附图), Abrams Tank, Aeroblaze, Boidmachine (epic, new version, NA now, anti-air + siege + supporting Statue of Liberty Cannon).

1.2.5 Aircraft

T1: Stormchild.

T2: Warhawk.

1.2.6 Navy

1.2.7 Support powers

T1: Target Painter, GPS Navigation (replace Chronoboost, NA only and T1 now).

T3: Boid Strike (from Boidmachine).

1.3 Euro Alliance (EA)

1.3.1 Structures

T1: Shield Institute (Under Professor Einstein’s guidance, it’d better be named as “Institute” rather than “Command”).

1.3.2 Defenses

T1: Lightning Rod (from support power).

T3: Coordnode.

1.3.3 Infantry

T3: Suppressor (EA now), Siegfried (hero, Speed 5(teleport) -- his weapon may or may not need to be adapted accordingly).

1.3.4 Vehicles

T1: Cavalier Tank.

T2: Mirage Tank, EA MCV (unlocked by either Airbase or Shield Institute).

T3: Prism Tank (anti-cloak), Charon Tank (Temporal displacement device, i.e. attacking like Chrono Legionnaire IFV against ground units and buildings, but unable to teleport?).

1.3.5 Aircraft

T1: Harrier.

T3: Thor Gunship, Haloed Thor (epic, new, "Mjölnir" beacon + Loudspeaker, HP 2000?, Heavy Aircraft, Speed 14(jet), Turn rate 10, Sight radius 10).

1.3.6 Navy

1.3.7 Support powers

T1: Force Shield, Lightning Rod ($500, no more providing Power, only supporting Thor and Haloed Thor, not self-destructing, unable to be called when in low power, but after being called, able to work even when in low power).

The Soviet Empire (Soviet)


2.0.1 Structures

T1: Tesla Reactor, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory, Naval Shipyard, Field Bureau, AFH (Air Force Headquarters, interchange with Allied’s, $1500, HP 1000, Big Light Structure).

T2: Nuclear Reactor (unlocked by AFH + Field Bureau).

T3: Industrial Plant, Iron Curtain Device (superweapon), Tactical Nuke Silo (superweapon).

2.0.2 Defenses

T1: Fortress Walls, Soviet Gate, Sentry Gun, Battle Bunker (with 2 Flak Troopers), Flak Cannon, Instant Shelter (from support power).

T2: Tesla Coil (unlocked by AFH), Repair Crane (-50 Power, unlocked by Field Bureau), Naval Mine (from support power).

T3: Hammer, Iron Guard (unlocked by Guerrilla Facilities / Palace / EMP Complex, limited to ONE to each player -- Mental Boosted AI can have three).

2.0.3 Infantry

T1: Conscript, Flak Trooper, Attack Dog, Engineer.

T2: Crazy Ivan (unlocked by either AFH or Field Bureau).

T3: Saboteur.

2.0.4 Vehicles

T1: War Miner, Terror Drone, Repair Drone (from support power), Drakuv Prison Vehicle (from support power, how about directly from Field Bureau?).

Stolen Tech: Grumble (from Allied), Apocalypse Tank (from Soviet, 2* 125mm Nuke-enhanced cannons + 4* "Mammoth Tusk" missiles, immune to radiation, vulnerable to EMP), Iron Dragon (from Foehn).

2.0.5 Aircraft

T1: Foxtrot (cheaper, no more targeting randomly -- Virgin will incorporate the feature).

T2: Dust Devil (unlocked by HK/RK/KK AFHPC), Wallbuster (A new sort of pad bomber, two ammunition, one ammunition’s damage = 1/4 3.3.4’s Wallbuster missile’s, unlocked by HK/RK/KK AFHPC, replace Wallbuster Missile), MiG Transport (from support power, Speed 24(jet), invulnerable).

T3: Dragonfly (common now), Kirov Airship.

Stolen Tech: Virgin (from Epsilon, a new kind of pad airplane, replacing Syckle).

2.0.6 Navy

T1: Zubr, Typhoon Attack Sub.

T2: Seawolf (unlocked by AFH).

2.0.7 Support powers

T1: Spy Plane, Repair Drone (from AFH now), Instant Shelter, Drakuv Prison Vehicle.

T2: Naval Mine Paradrop (from HK/RK/KK AFHPC).

T3: Gear Change (only gaining $2650, only Industrial Plant being shut down), Iron Curtain (superweapon), Tactical Nuke (superweapon).

Havana Kingdom (HK)

2.1.1 Structures

T2: Guerrilla Facilities ($3000, unlocked by AFH + Field Bureau; old name “Battle Lab” is a bit plain), HKAFHPC (Havana Kingdom Air Force Headquarters Party Committee, adding on Air Force Headquarters, $500, new).

2.1.2 Defenses

T2: Flame Tower (from support power).

T3: Smoke Turret.

2.1.3 Infantry

T1: Bomb Apprentice (a new name for Bomb Pilot / Desperate Driver, from Jaguar Tank).

T2: Desolator (interchanged with Tesla Trooper, unlocked by AFH), WP Pyro (White Phosphorous Pyro, this idea comes from @一家之主风见幽香), Bomb Mentor (new, unlocked by AFH, able to capture depiloted vehicles, vulnerable to omnicrush and Dog / Spook, immune to normal crush, EMP and gravity weapons, amphibious, emitting smoke when exploding), Mortar Quad (now only from support power).

T3: Tesla Trooper (interchanged with Desolator, disabling units vulnerable to EMP), Arsonist, Morales (hero, new version, Dragunov incendiary rifle + Timed incendiary explosive ejector, amphibious), Cyborg Culpeo (hero, new version, HK now, Razorblade teeth + "Schturm" missiles + smoke).

2.1.4 Vehicles

T1: Halftrack, Jaguar Tank.

T2: Smoky Demolition Truck (new version, replace Bomb Buggy, unlocked by AFH), Armadillo (HK now, $1200, HP 700, Speed 6, Turn rate 5, Transport slots 6), HK MCV (unlocked by either AFH or Field Bureau).

T3: Catastrophe, Buratino, Fury Drone (no more anti-disguise).

2.1.5 Aircraft

T3: Vulture (2* 12.7mm DShK + Napalm), Arch Dustdevil (from support power).

2.1.6 Navy

T3: Inca Missile Sub (now HK with a new name, Gordost missiles able to cause fire that lingers for a while, Speed 4, HP 1000? -- These alterations are to march HK’s “harassment”, but they unfortunately diminish the difference between Inca and Resheph. If you insist Akula’s Speed 3 and HP 1250, then the missile sub should be transferred to KK and re-named. How about “ScU Missile Sub”?).

2.1.7 Support powers

T2: Arch Dustdevil (from HKAFHPC, the awe-inspiring name for “Smoke Bomb(er)”), Flame Tower (improved version, ≈ T2 Defense, $1000), Mortar Ambush.

Russian Khanate (RK)

2.2.1 Structures

T2: Palace ($3000, unlocked by AFH + Field Bureau), RKAFHPC ($500, new).

2.2.2 Defenses

2.2.3 Infantry

T2: Eradicator (unlocked by AFH), Pyro.

T3: Tesla Trooper, Gyrocopter, Krukov (hero, new version, Radiation gun + X-MiGs + Irradiation).

2.2.4 Vehicles

T1: Halftrack, Rhino Tank (immune to radiation).

T2: Irradiative Demolition Truck (new version, unlocked by AFH), Borillo, RK MCV (unlocked by either AFH or Field Bureau).

T3: Khan Nuclear Cannon (HP 550, smaller, able to enter Tank Bunkers, Speed 6, Attack range 7), Sentinel.

2.2.5 Aircraft

T3: Io-549 Siege Chopper (new, deployed to use its siege cannon as Yuri’s Revenge, but having no weapon when airborne, immune to radiation), X-MiG (summoned by Krukov), Nuclear Kirov Flagship (new, epic, 2* SPM3 + Mini-nuke).

2.2.6 Navy

T3: Dreadnought.

2.2.7 Support powers

T2: Terror Paradrop (from RKAFHPC), Irradiation, Atomheart (new, from Palace; Plan B: Fission Speed Up).

Korea-Kashmir (KK)

2.3.1 Structures

T2: EMP Complex (replacing Atomheart, $3000, unlocked by AFH + Field Bureau), KKAFHPC ($500, new).

2.3.2 Defenses

T3: EMP Mine.

2.3.3 Infantry

T2: Desolator (unlocked by AFH), Pyro.

T3: Chain Tesla Trooper (new, somewhat replacing #Volkov, Tesla chains have no damage and only disable units vulnerable to EMP, and Chain Tesla Trooper has no Tesla grenade), Yunru (hero/heroine, HP 600?).

2.3.4 Vehicles

T1: Tiger APC (KK now), Qilin Tank.

T2: EMP Demolition Truck (new version, unlocked by AFH), Borillo, KK MCV (unlocked by either AFH or Field Bureau).

T3: Tesla Cruiser (anti-cloak, bigger, unable to enter Tank Bunkers, HP 1150, Speed 3, Attack range 8, Tesla Chain has EMP), Scud Launcher (deployed to toggle between free fire and hold fire mode -- this idea comes from @瞌睡附图), Centurion Tesla Crawler (epic, new version, 420 mm Tesla-enhanced cannon + "Yin-Yang" missiles, amphibious, able to be boosted by Tesla Overcharge).

2.3.5 Aircraft

T3: Wolfhound (“Soon”’s Speed is 20(jet), slower than both Dragonfly’s 38(jet) and Gyrocopter’s 22(jet), so it cannot be a Russian “highly mobile unit”, but should be a KK’s slow while powerful machine).

2.3.6 Navy

T3: Dreadnought (Plan B: ScU Missile Sub).

2.3.7 Support powers

T2: Airborne Team (KK now, from KKAFHPC, 9 Conscripts + 5 Flak Troops + 2 dogs, $1500, Note: Airborne Team and Instant Shelter deserve one another; KK, unlike HK and RK, doesn’t have special T2 infantry, so KK needs Airborne Team), Tesla Overcharge, EM Pulse (from EMP Complex).

The Epsilon Domain (Epsilon)


3.0.1 Structures

T1: Bio Reactor, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory, Naval Shipyard, Radar Spire, Pandora Hub.

T2: Aerodome ($1500, unlocked by either Radar Spire or Pandora Hub. All airfields and Runways, are immune to capture and mind-control. On the other hand, all airfields are vulnerable to infiltrate.).

T3: Cloning Vats, Rage Inductor (superweapon), Psychic Dominator (superweapon).

3.0.2 Defenses

T1: Citadel Walls, Gate, Gatling Cannon, Tank Bunker, Sensor Tower (Epsilon & T1 now, $500, -30 Power, only detecting cloaked units and subs, Range 12: Plan A), Nutrient Column (from support power), Caustic Column (from support power).

T2: Energy Tower (“inferno” is too HK), Mind Reader (Plan B: add anti-cloak to Mind Reader, while Sensor Tower is set as neutral), Grinder, Toxic Mine (new, from support power).

T3: Chimera Core, Antares Battery (replace "Antares" thermal beam with "Antares" acid beam, infantry killed release poison clouds, “thermal” is too HK).

3.0.3 Infantry

T1: Initiate, Archer, Spook, Engineer, Raven (from support power).

T2: Brute, Bloatick, Dunerider.

T3: Infiltrator, Virus (now unlocked by Chem/Psych/Gene plug).

3.0.4 Vehicles

T1: Ghost Miner, Gatling Tank, Stinger ($500, no more repairing, no more anti-cloak, healing in poison clouds).

T2: Driller.

Stolen Tech: Scavenger (from Allied), Wormqueen (from Soviet, 2* Rad cannons + 2* Flamethrower, immune to radiation, vulnerable to EMP).

3.0.5 Aircraft

T2: Invader, Dybbuk-Attacker (cloaked, Heavy Aircraft?; as a T2, it should be the best anti-armor amongst the ordinary pad airplanes), Dybbuk-Transporter (from support power, no more invisible on enemy radar, Dybbuk names are unified as -verb+er/or).

T3: Dybbuk-Crasher (new, unlocked by Chem/Psych/Gene plug, pad airplane, suicide crash to generate gravity wave to paralyze buildings, replace Blackout Missile)

Stolen Tech: Dybbuk-Seizer (from Epsilon, cloaked, Speed decreased from 36(jet) to 18(jet), 2 ammunition, each ammunition takes 18 in-game seconds to reload, each ammunition permanently controls a ground unit or a building, no more rage), Salamander (from Foehn).

3.0.6 Navy

T1: Mandjet, Piranha Minisub.

T2: Giant Squid.

T3: Nautilus (manual deploy to use gravity field).

3.0.7 Support powers

T1: Raven, Shadow Ring (from Radar Spire), Risen Nutrient Column (from Pandora Hub, healing friendly infantry and vehicles, not self-destructing, $500), Risen Caustic Column (new, ≈ T1 Defense, from Pandora Hub, not self-destructing, $500, no more Risen Inferno).

T2: Toxic Mine Paradrop (new, from Aerodome).

T3: Spook Boom (new, from Cloning Vats), Rage (superweapon), Domination (superweapon).

Scorpion Cell (SC)

3.1.1 Structures

T2: Chemplug ($2500, because Aerodome +$500).

3.1.2 Defenses

T3: Fake Psychic Dominator, Fake SC Construction Yard (HP 2500, $420), Fake Aerodome (new, limited to one for each player, $210, HP 1500, - 0 Power).

3.1.3 Infantry

T2: Epsilon Adept (Psychic blast cannot damage vehicles even when elite, Damage decrease from 250 to 200).

T3: Hijacker (Speed 8, immune to poison, amphibious, also able to capture vessels), Malver (hero, Venomous blade, healing in poison clouds, invisible on enemy radar, amphibious without trail, decreasing the damage to infantry and increasing the damage to armors).

3.1.4 Vehicles

T1: Mantis Tank (exploding when destroyed, healing in poison clouds; my idea is better that 3.3.4’s repairing near friendly Mantises).

T2: Speeder Trike (immune to poison clouds, vulnerable to EMP), SC MCV (unlocked by either Radar Spire or Pandora Hub).

T3: Tyrant, Plague Splatter (healing in poison clouds, no longer reducing enemies’ armor), Oxidizer (now able to targeting a ground unit too).

3.1.5 Aircraft

T3: Basilisk (decrease the damage to infantry while reduce the price), Dybbuk-Mutator (inferior version, unlocked by Chemplug, the damage to all kinds of infantry increases by 150%?, the damage to all kinds of buildings decreases), Dybbuk-Jobseeker (epic, new).

3.1.6 Navy

T3: Resheph.

3.1.7 Support powers

T2: Bloodhounds (SC now, from Aerodome, 1 Speeder Trike + 2 Mantis Tanks + 2 Gatling Tanks + 1 Stinger, $3000, Note: Bloodhounds and Quick Fort deserve one another; “Scorpion Cell can overwhelm their enemies with sheer numbers”), Quick Fort, Bloatick Trap.

Psi Corps (PC)

3.2.1 Structures

T2: Psychplug ($2500).

3.2.2 Defenses

T3: Psychic Tower (mind-controlling both ground and air units -- only levitating air units).

3.2.3 Infantry

T2: Epsilon Elite (Psychic blast can damage both infantry and vehicles even when being a recruit, Damage 200), Libra Clone (from support power).

T3: Libra (hero/heroine), Yuri (hero, Psychic blast can damage all kinds of ground units and buildings, Damage 200).

3.2.4 Vehicles

T1: Lasher Tank.

T2: Marauder, PC MCV (unlocked by either Radar Spire or Pandora Hub).

T3: Mastermind (mind-controlling both ground and air units), Gravity Beam Emitter (a better name for Magnetron), Gehenna Platform.

3.2.5 Aircraft

T3: Basilisk, Dybbuk-Mutator (unlocked by Psychplug), Dybbuk-Interceptor (from Gehenna Platform).

3.2.6 Navy

T3: Resheph.

3.2.7 Support powers

T2: Libra Clone Drop (now from Aerodome), Psychic Vision (now PC only and T2, from Psychplug), Gravity Field (a better name for Magnetic Beam).

Antarctic Castles (AC)

3.3.1 Structures

T2: Geneplug ($2500).

3.3.2 Defenses

T3: Gene Mine.

3.3.3 Infantry

T2: Epsilon Adept.

T3: Stalker, Rahn (hero).

3.3.4 Vehicles

T1: Opus Custom Tank.

T2: Shadow Tank, AC MCV (unlocked by either Radar Spire or Pandora Hub).

T3: Colossus (no more friendly fire), Hazequad.

3.3.5 Aircraft

T3: Basilisk-AC (new version without friendly fire, decrease the damage to infantry, slower), Dybbuk-Evolver (now unlocked by Geneplug, the damage to infantry increases 200%?, the damage to buildings decreases, $2100?), Irkalla (epic, replace “Exploders” by “Genoexploders”, which can mutate most kinds of infantry to Brutes; Plan B: both weapons can).

3.3.6 Navy

T3: Polar Resheph (no friendly fire, increase training time). Plan B: Icefish (surface Resheph without friendly fire).

3.3.7 Support powers

T2: Castles In The Air (new, from Aerodome), Kinetic Barrier, Genebust (Damage 250-75?).

The Foehn Revolt (Foehn)


4.0.1 Structures

T1: Windtrap, Barracks, Ore Refinery, War Factory, Naval Shipyard, Cyberkernel, Cloud Piercer, Nanofiber Loom.

T2: Temporary Nano Plant (from support power).

T3: Reprocessor, Blast Furnace (superweapon), Tempest Architect (superweapon).

4.0.2 Defenses

T1: Bastion Walls, Sonic Emitter, Gun Turret (Foehn now), Shrike Nest, Spinblade (from support power).

T2: Railgun Tower (unlocked by Cyberkernel), Turmoil Grid (unlocked by Nanofiber Loom), Stun Grid (from support power).

T3: Nanocoat Regulator, Neutralizer, Signal Inhibitor, Blast Trench (superweapon).

4.0.3 Infantry

T1: Knightframe {Kingsframe}, Lancer {Railguneer}, Engineer, Clairvoyant (no longer anti-disguise and infiltrate) {Duplicant}.

T2: Huntress {Deviatress} (unlocked by Cyberkernel).

T3: Mole (new, spy, receiving Spinblade’s speed buff).

4.0.4 Vehicles

T1: Minermite, Teratorn, Jackal Racer.

T2: SODAR Array (unlocked by Cyberkernel), Roadrunner (common now, unlocked by Nanofiber Loom; 3.3.4’s Foehn’s anti-disguise ability is too weak, specially LH, which is supposed otherwise).

Stolen Tech: Phantasm MLRS (from Allied), Archelon (from Epsilon; Damage 230-80, Cooldown 70 frames, Attack range 7.5, minimum 1 -- not worse than Huntress; deployed to rapidly self-healing, like Bison, but revealed and unable to move or fire), M.A.D.M.A.N. (from Foehn, its stats need modifying, how about reducing its attack radius?).

4.0.5 Aircraft

T1: Shrike Drone (from Shrike Nest), Recon Drone (from support power).

T2: Buzzard (no more deploying Stun Grids, cheaper), Peregrine Falcon (Foehn now, Speed 100(jet), from support power).

T3: Quetzal, Marking Drone (from Quetzal), Bombard Drone (from Leviathan).

Stolen Tech: Seitaad Airship (from Soviet, levilating aircraft version of Seitaad Ballista).

4.0.6 Navy

T1: Warturtle, Swordfish.

T2: Whipray (unlocked by Cloud Piercer), Angelshark (unlocked by Nanofiber Loom).

T3: Leviathan.

4.0.7 Support powers

T1: Recon Sortie, Spinblade, Nanofiber Sync.

T2: SODAR Array Paradrop (new, from Cyberkernel, unlocked by the three T2 labs), Stun Grid Paradrop (from Cloud Piercer, unlocked by the three T2 labs), Temporary Nano Plant (Foehn now, from Nanofiber Loom, unlocked by the three T2 labs).

T3: Ore Regeneration (new, from Reprocessor), Blasticade (superweapon), Great Tempest (superweapon).

Hai Head (HH)

4.1.1 Structures

T2: Cyberkernel Expansion.

4.1.2 Defenses

T2: Megaarena Projector (from support power).

4.1.3 Infantry

T3: Syncronin {Syncronaut (only targetting units, reducing target’s speed? -- this idea is inspired by @一家之主风见幽香)}, Fin (hero, anti-infantry + siege, amphibious), Alize (hero/heroine, anti-armor + anti-air, amphibious).

4.1.4 Vehicles

T1: Cyclops Walker.

T2: Sweeper (HH now, unlocked by Cyberkernel), HH MCV (unlocked by any of the T2 labs).

T3: Megalodon, Shadray Sonic Tank.

4.1.5 Aircraft

T3: Diverbee (increase the damage to buildings).

4.1.6 Navy

4.1.7 Support powers

T2: Megaarena, Devourer (HH only now, from Cyberkernel Expansion).

Coronian Hurricanes (CH)

4.2.1 Structures

T2: Cloud Piercer Expansion.

T3: Knightfall Protocol (Structure now).

4.2.2 Defenses

T3: Harbinger Tower (from $2000 to $3000; Harbinger: ammunition from 8 to 4, no more warning, $0), Knightfall Beacon (from support power).

4.2.3 Infantry

T3: Zorbfloater {Zorbtrotter (Personal windflow manipulator + Plasma wave: Plan B)}, Eureka (hero/heroine, new version, windflow manipulator).

4.2.4 Vehicles

T1: Draco Tank (deployed to change to Draco Drone, but unable to change back -- the idea comes from @Frogician).

T2: Raccoon (CH only now, unlocked by Cloud Piercer), CH MCV (unlocked by any of the T2 labs).

T3: Tarchia Cannon.

4.2.5 Aircraft

T1: Draco Drone (from Draco Tank).

T3: Pteranodon, Alanqa Skystation, Harbinger (epic).

4.2.6 Navy

4.2.7 Support powers

T2: Quetzal Shield.

T3: Harbinger, Knightfall.

Last Home (LH)

4.3.1 Structures

T2: Nanofiber Loom Expansion.

4.3.2 Defenses

T3: Plasmerizer, M.A.D. Mine.

4.3.3 Infantry

T3: Giantsbane {Godsbane}, Uragan (hero).

4.3.4 Vehicles

T1: Bison Tank.

T2: Irritator (now LH, unlocked by Nanofiber Loom, confusing both ground and air units, only confusion, HP 250?), LH MCV (unlocked by any of the T2 labs).

T3: Mastodon, Gharial (anti-cloak), Ramwagon (epic, anti-unit, nanoids, no more hacking).

4.3.5 Aircraft

4.3.6 Navy

4.3.7 Support powers

T2: Nanocharge, Signal Jammer (LH now, from Nanofiber Loom Expansion).

5 Neutral

Tech Paratrooper Liaison Office: new, replace Tech Airfield, only provide Tech Paratroopers.

Tech Base Expansion Post: also healing infantry (like Drakuv).

Tech Sensor Tower?

Chapter Two

The Fundamental Changes in Soviet’s Tech Tree

1. Each Soviet subfaction’s T3 lab (Guerrilla Facilities / Palace / EMP Complex) needs both AFH and Field Bureau to unlock.

2. Some T2 buildings and units now are unlocked by AFH instead of Field Bureau.

3. Each Soviet subfaction has a new tech building, AFHPC, adding on AFH. Therefore, each faction has four kinds of labs (fairly speaking) and its special developing way; and each faction has a sort of add-on.

4. Now that AFH and AFHPC cost $1500 and $500 respectively, the cost of Soviet T3 labs reduces from $5000 to $3000. Nevertheless, Soviet T3 labs are still the most expensive labs.

5. Nuclear Reactor also requires AFH + Field Bureau to unlock. Somewhat neutralize Nuclear Reactor’s low price-performance ratio. Players may build AFH (even plus AFHPC) before Field Bureau, i.e. players have more meaningful choices.

6. As regards the redistribution among the Soviet subfactions, I’ve already given some explanations, and I’ll give more in Chapter Three.

The Fundamental Changes in Allied’s Tech Tree

Now Allied has two separate tech branches.

α Airbase → Experimental Warpshop, unlocking some T3 Structures, T3 Defenses, T3 units and T2 Support powers:

General: Ore Purifier, Chronosphere (superweapon), Gap Generator, Chrono Legionnaire, Barracuda, Hummingbird, Aircraft Carrier, Backwarp, Chronolift;

Pacific Armies: Skyray, Norio (hero), Battle Tortoise;

North America: Tanya (hero), Abrams Tank.

Euro Alliance: Coordnode, Siegfried (hero), Charon Tank.

β Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute → Avant-garde Skyscraper, unlocking some T3 Structures, T3 Defenses, T3 units and T2 Support powers:

General: Weather Controller (superweapon), Grand Cannon, Spy, Cryocopter, Battleship, Black Widow, Radar Jamming;

Pacific Armies: Sniper, Zhang-Jian (hero), Hailstorm, Cryo Mine Burier, Blizzard Tank;

North America: Riot Trooper, Statue of Liberty Cannon, Aeroblaze, Boidmachine (epic).

Euro Alliance: Suppressor, Prism Tank, Thor Gunship, Haloed Thor (epic).

Experimental Warpshop only requires Airbase to unlock, and Avant-garde Skyscraper only requires Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute to unlock. As a result, Allied is the only faction that can quickly reach T3. However, this is hampered by Allied’s power problem: 1 Power Turbine is now strictly categorized as “Structures” not “Defenses” (now choosing between Power Plant and Power Turbine is almost merely a space matter); 2 EA’s Lightning Rod no longer provides power. Moreover, 3 even if players succeed, unlike 3.3.4’s Soviet, they only get a part of T2 and a part of T3, which means they have significant defects. 4 The total price of Allied labs (Airbase + Experimental Warpshop + Remote Command / Satellite Uplink / Shield Institute + Avant-garde Skyscraper) is the most expensive among the four factions.

Experimental Warpshop and Avant-garde Skyscraper are equally $2250, power -300 and unlimited in number.

However, to get or produce stolen tech units, only Experimental Warpshop is needed to infiltrate or exist, while Avant-garde Skyscraper is now out of business (because Lionheart needs Airbase)?

The reasons why I give “Tech Center” the new name “Avant-garde Skyscraper” are: 1 to indicate this building is irrelevant to aforementioned concerns; 2 “avant-garde” parallels “experimental”; 3 to describe the image vividly; 4 the old name, “Tech Center”, is not impressive.

Some disadvantages of each faction’s tech tree

Allied: the total price of the four labs are the highest.

Soviet: T3 lab is the most expensive lab.

Epsilon: Pandora + Plug is the most expensive.

Foehn: T3 lab requires three T2 labs to unlock.

Why are Black Eagle, Foxtrot, Raven etc. T1 not T2?

Airbase, AFH, Radar Spire, etc. are all T1 structures, so the units and support powers they directly generate are T1, just as other T1 structures (e.g. War Factory) produce T1 units (e.g. Rhino Tank).

Both Stormchild and Rocketeer are unlocked by Airbase, why is Stormchild T1 whereas Rocketeer T2?

Buildings / units / support powers need to not only unlock but also build / train / call from. Stormchild not only is unlocked by Airbase but also trained at Airbase, so Stormchild is T1+0=T1. In contrast, Rocketeer is unlocked by Airbase (T1) while trained at Barracks, so Rocketeer is T1+1=T2. Similarly, Psychplug is unlocked by Pandora Hub (T1) + Radar Spire (T1) while built by Epsilon Construction Yard, so Psychplug is max{T1,T1}+1=T2. Barracuda is unlocked by Experimental Warpshop (T2) while trained at Airbase, so Barracuda is T2+1=T3.

Formula: if a building / unit / support power X is unlock by building Y while built by / trained at / called from building Z, then Tier of X = max Tier of Y + f(Y,Z). If Y=Z, f(Y,Z)=0; if Y≠Z, f(Y,Z)=1. Set Tier of Construction Yard = 1, as the initial value. (Note: Tier of MCV = 2.)

If a building Y adds on another building Z, we consider Y+Z as a whole. For instance, Dustdevil is unlocked by AFHPC (T2) while train at AFH, but Tier of Dustdevil is still 2, because AFHPC is NOT an independent building but an add-on, which means Dustdevil is both unlocked by and trained at upgraded AFH (AFH+AFHPC), therefore Tier(Dustdevil) = Tier(upgraded AFH)+0 =2.

To implement the formula fully and give players more strategies:

Plan A

Once Construction Yard is established, all related T1 structures and defences can be built, and War Factory can train related miners even without any Ore Refinery.

Plan B

After Construction Yard is established, Power Plant alike, Barracks, Ore Refinery, Wall and Gate can be built. Barracks can train GI, GGI, Engineer and Attack Dog (take Allied for illustration). All these are labelled as T0. After Power Plant / Tesla Reactor / Bio Reactor / Windtrap is built, all related T1 structures and defences can be built, and War Factory can train related miners even without any Ore Refinery. That is to say, Power Plant alike also play as T1 lab (the elevator from T0 to T1).

Plan C

Set Ore Refinery as T1 lab.

Some units and buildings can be unlocked by either/any T2 labs

Allied: MCV, Power Turbine.

Soviet: MCV, Crazy Ivan.

Epsilon: MCV, Aerodome.

Foehn: MCV.

Mine, including Turmoil Grid and Stun Grid

All mines consume 0 Power and work well even at low-power.

All subfactions have mines and all defensive subfactions (i.e. EA, KK, AC, LH) have special defenses (not necessarily Mine). That’s why I introduce Toxic Mine and Anti-tank Mine.

Now each faction has at least two sorts of mines: 1 some are general, while some are subfactional; 2 some are constructed around the base, while some are delivered by airplane (yielding some clues for your adversaries).

Anti-tank Mine, Battle Bunker, Caustic Column, Gun Turret

Now each faction has its special T1 anti-armor defense “tower”.

Infantry that Spies alike cannot mimic


General: Dog, Rocketeer, Chrono Legionnaire.

PA: Norio, Zhang-Jian.

NA: Tanya.

EA: Siegfried.


General: Dog.

HK: Morales, Cyborg Culpeo.

RK: Eradicator, Gyrocopter, Krukov.

KK: Chain Tesla Trooper, Yunru.


General: Spook, Raven, Bloatick.

SC: Malver.

PS: Libra Clone, Libra, Yuri.

AC: Rahn.


General: Clairvoyant, Duplicant.

HH: Fin, Alize.

CH: Zorbtrotter, Zorbfloater, Eureka.

HH: Uragan.

Anti-cloak, anti-disguise

The duo:

PA: Norio anti-disguise, Zhang-Jian anti-cloak.

NA: Tanya both anti-disguise and anti-cloak.

EA: Haloed Thor anti-disguise, Siegfried anti-cloak.

HK: Cyborg Culpeo anti-disguise, Morales anti-cloak.

RK: Krukov both anti-disguise and anti-cloak.

KK: Centurion anti-disguise, Yunru anti-cloak.

SC: Malver both anti-disguise and anti-cloak.

PC: Libra anti-disguise, Yuri anti-cloak.

AC: Irkalla anti-disguise, Rahn anti-cloak.

HH: Fin anti-disguise, Alize anti-cloak.

CH: Eureka both anti-disguise and anti-cloak.

LH: Ramwagon both anti-disguise and anti-cloak.

(Libra and Fin are no longer anti-cloak.)

Besides the duo, mines and some Navy units, each faction has two ways to detect disguised units and cloaked units (including subs) respectively, and the four defensive subfactions do a bit better.


Allied: Dog, Robot Tank.

Soviet: Dog, Terror Drone.

Epsilon: Spook, Stinger.

Foehn: Duplicant, Roadrunner.


Allied: Detect Pulse, Navy Seal; Prism Tank (EA).

Soviet: Tesla Trooper / Chain Tesla Trooper, Borillo / Armadillo; Tesla Cruiser (KK).

Epsilon: Sensor Tower (Plan B: Mind Reader), Dunerider; Shadow Tank (AC).

Foehn: SODAR Array, Clairvoyant; Gharial (LH).

By the way, some people say Foehn’s anti-cloak is rather weak. Now I degrade Clairvoyant and give you a new support power (SODAR Array Paradrop) and a new unit (Gharial).

Except mines, heroes and epics, no unit is both anti-disguise and anti-cloak.

Now Robot Tank, Terror Drone, Stinger and Roadrunner are all merely anti-disguise.

Clairvoyant and Duplicant are only anti-cloak and anti-disguise respectively.

Fury Drone is no longer anti-disguise. If you think all drones / robots should be anti-disguise, then how about Megalodon, Teratorn as well as McNaughton Powersuit?


The “pure human beings” have less HP (<300=Libra) and are vulnerable to Dog / Spook, mutation and omnicrush, but faster (≥7, except Malver) and immune to EMP and gravity weapons: (only listing ground heroes) Zhang-Jian (PA, HP 240?, Speed 8?), Tanya (NA, HP 200, Speed 9), Morales (HK, HP 240, Speed 8?), Malver (SC, HP 200, Speed 6), Yuri (PC, HP 280?, Speed 7?), Fin (HH, HP 280, Speed 7), Alize (HH, HP 280, Speed 7).

The “mutated human being”, i.e. Rahn, has only two differences: immune to Dog / Spook, and HP 450 ≥ 300. (Rahn now is immune to EMP and can also be mutated to Brutes.) -- To co-ordinate with Brute.

The rest are “human+machines” / cyborg(s), the opposite of the “pure human beings”, i.e. HP≥300, slower (except Cyborg Culpeo and Libra), immune to Dog / Spook, mutation (merely being killed) and omnicrush, but vulnerable to EMP (except Yunru, the mistress of EMP -- zj 1.0.6: even Yunru is vulnerable) and gravity weapons: (only listing ground heroes) Siegfried (EA, HP 450, Speed 5(teleport)?), Cyborg Culpeo (HK, HP 400? Cyborg, Speed 10), Krukov (RK, HP 360, Speed 6), Yunru (KK, HP 600?, Speed 6), Libra (PC, HP 300, Speed 10), Eureka (CH, HP 540, Speed 6).

The heroes that need to attack in short range (≤5) are immune to poison clouds: (only listing ground heroes) Tanya (NA), Cyborg Culpeo (HK), Malver (SC, able to heal in them), Libra (PC), Yuri (PC). -- List Z.

List Z plus Krukov (RK), who’s nuclear, are immune to radiation, too.

(Yunru is no longer immune to poison and radiation.)

Amphibious: Tanya (NA, C4), Cyborg Culpeo (HK, Plan B: Morales), Malver (SC, stealthier), Libra (PC, “anti-gravity”), Yuri (PC, “anti-gravity”), Fin and Alize (HH, any duo should not be excluded from sea).

Campaign Heroes



#Sammy Stallion (# means campaign units)

Armament: 1 Negation Field (=Suppressor); 2 deployed to increase firepower of friendly untis and defenses in a radius of 10 by 15%, unable to move when deployed.



#Flint Westwood

Armament: 1 lift and draw vehicles (=Zorbfloater); 2 Bond breaker (=Syncronin).





Chain lightning Tesla cannon only disables units vulnerable to EMP.




Armament: rapidly healing all kinds of friendly units and buildings in a radius of 10, no more attacking.

Rashidi is immune to poison and radiation.


#Space Commando



#Arnie Frankenfurter

Armament: 1 Confusion rifle (=Deviatress); 2 deployed to stun all of enemy’s infantry in a radius of 9, unable to move when deployed.


#Cyborg Commando

Heroslayer Challenge

Group A: add Zhang-Jian and Sammy Stallion; replace Volkov with Krukov.

Group B: add Yuri, Flint Westwood and Space Commando; remove Uragan.

Group C: add Uragan, Rashidi and Arnie Frankenfurter, replace Krukov with Volkov.

Epic Units

All epics are immune to EMP, poison and radiation.

Centurion is the only one that’s amphibious. It’d better be, otherwise there’s no navy or amphibious epic unit, and a naval epic is a bad idea.

Epic’s special connections with its subfaction:


Boidmachine supports Statue of Liberty Cannon.


Lightning Rod boosts Haloed Thor’s firepower.


1. Nuclear Kirov Flagship is RK’s Atomheart. 2. RK special units are all immune to radiation.


Centurion’s firepower is increased by Tesla Overcharge.


1. Fake Aerodome both intimidates and distracts enemies as if it house Dybbuk-Jobseeker. 2. All SC special units are immune to poison, and lots of them are even able to heal in poison clouds.


Castles In The Air saves Irkalla’s face (I mean life).


1. Harbinger is called from Harbinger Tower. 2. Temporary Nano Plant supplies power to Harbinger Tower. -- I tried to make Temporary Nano Plant special to CH, but that design didn’t work well.


Nanocharge applies to Ramwagon as well.

Since there’s Heroslayer Challenge, why not “Epicsunk Challenge”?

Pad airplane

I put a great deal of efforts to encourage players to use pad airplanes:

1. I degrade Runway, Dust Devil, Dybbuk-E and Dybbuk-M.

2. I set all airfields, including Runways, are immune to capture and mind-control.

3. I set all pad airplane are immune to mind-control, hijack and depiloted.

4. I create new sorts of pad airplanes (Cryo Mine Burier, Wallbuster, Virgin, Dybbuk-C, Dybbuk-J).

5. I improve some kinds of pad airplanes (Foxtrot, Dybbuk-E, Dybbuk-M, Dybbuk-S, Lionheart).

6. I set Airbase, AFH and Aerodome can be built before War Factory.

7. I set Aerodome is unlocked by either Radar Spire or Pandora Hub.

8. I set AFH as a precondition for all Soviet T3 labs.

9. I generalize the expansion on AFH.

10. I invent Fake Aerodome. Now Allied has Airbase + Runway, Soviet has AFH +AFHPC, Epsilon SC has Aerodome + Fake Aerodome.

11. In 3.3.4 pad airplane’s armor type is monotonously Light Aircraft. In point of fact, it’s better to diversify the armor types of pad airplanes, even into Special Armor I and/or Special Armor II.

Economic Support Power

Each faction should have a special financial reinforcement that is called from its special economic booster and costs something but no money.

When you have $3000, 3.3.4’s Warp Miner is a low priority; when you desperately need it, you don’t have enough money.

Allied: Warp Miner

One Chrono Miner is teleported to the target location.

Pros: The Miner will work for you from now on.

Cons: Your Chrono Miner has to go out to gather ores and come back to Refinery, the stakes of which are high.

Soviet: Gear Change

You immediately receive $2650.

Why is $2650 not $3000? 2650=1000*125%+1400. 1000 is the max of a Chrono Miner can gather from gems, 125% is the function of Purifier, and 1400 is the price of a Chrono Miner.

Pros: What you get is direct, definite and without delay.

Cons: Your Industrial Plant is disabled for 60 in-game seconds.

Epsilon: Spook Boom

Your Cloning Vats continuously spawns 27 Spooks, whose total cost is slightly above $2650.

Pros: The Spooks’ functions are a little beyond economics.

Cons: You need a Grinder to recycle the Spooks. Furthermore, you only get $1350 actually.

By the way, I choose Spook, after I’ve already considered Brute (just as in Huehuecoyotl) and Civilian ($100 = Spook).

Foehn: Ore Regeneration.

Some ores (worth $2650 without Purifier) immediately appear in the target area.

Pros: You can regenerate ores near or even within your base.

Cons: You have to use Minermites and Refineries to transform the ores to cash, which takes a little time.

Slave Miner

@SOSolacex reuses Slave Miner as T2 Refinery, for all factions.

I’m still thinking the idea over.

Chapter Three

The Allied Bloc

I replace “Nations” with “Bloc” because:

1 the other three are “Empire/Union”, “Domain/Army” and “Revolt”, none of which is a plural;

2 now the plural form only applies to subfactions (In fact, “the Wings of Coronia” just used the plural form).

Navy Seal

When attacking armors, no matter in sea or on land, Navy Seal uses C4 consistently, so that Allied has a T2 anti-armor infantry. Because it must get close to plant C4, Navy Seal should be uncrushable by normal vehicles.

When attacking Mines, Navy Seal uses C4, too.

Archon IFV, McNaughton Powersuit

Allied share the same kind of IFV as their common T1, and NA has a T2 version, which is a robot and gets a new name, “McNaughton Powersuit”.

McNaughton Powersuit uses the weapons of IFV, but has higher price, HP, speed and passenger survivability rate. Being a robot, McNaughton Powersuit is immune to radiation, poison, mind-control, hijacking and depiloted. Additionally, McNaughton Powersuit is amphibious.

I re-name the Powersuit after Canadian General A.G.L. McNaughton (1887 ~ 1966), who was Chairman of the Canadian Section of Canada-United States Permanent Joint Board on Defence (1950~1959).


Since there’re so many kinds of single rotor helicopters, why not depict Stallion as a tandem rotor, like original NightHawk?

All T1 paradrops, e.g. Repair Done, are delivered by the same sort of Cargo Plane (HP 700, Medium Aircraft, 24(jet), Turn rate 2).

Tech Paratrooper Liaison Office is regarded as T1.

T2 paradrops use better and factional aircraft.


Stallion: customizable, anywhere (including unexplored terrain), recyclable, surviving passengers will paradrop from the Stallion Transport when shot down, Speed 40(jet), invisible on enemy radar.


MiG Transport: invulnerable.


Dybbuk-Transporter: cloaked, HP1000, Speed 50(jet).


Peregrine Falcon: Speed 100(jet), the fastest.

Pacific Armies


Sniper had better belong to Front Amy, because “The Pacific Front employs cryo weaponry and long range attacks.”


Zhang-Jian is a human version of Skyray Cannon (Thermal inversion cannon) + Zephyr (120mm howitzer cannon). Thermal inversion cannon is anti-air. 120mm howitzer cannon is anti-ground.

Zephyrobot also allows Zhang-Jian to fire past his maximum range across the map.

Which weapon does Zhang-Jian use, when he’s in IFV/Powersuit? -- zj 1.0.6: Zhang-Jian should use Thermal inversion cannon.

Zhang-Jian’s Speed: 8?

Zhang-Jian’s drawbacks: 1 fragile (HP 240?); 2 120mm howitzer cannon is not very accurate, particularly when at a lower or higher position; 3 fast-moving vehicles can evade its attacks; 3 120mm howitzer cannon has a large minimum attack range; 4 the damage to buildings is mediocre; 5 vulnerable to Dogs / Spooks; 6 difficult to kill infantry; 7 unable to swim.

I name the new hero after my own name, Zhang Jian, not only because I invent him, but also because my name fits him. In Chinese, “Zhang” (張) means “draw a/the bow (weapon)”, and “Jian” (箭) is “arrow”.

There’re various ways to explain why the hero with the Korea-Kashmiri name belongs to Pacific Armies instead. For example, you may say Zhang-Jian defected from KK to PA, and this caused Prime Minister of KK (1 “President” now is unique to NA, 2 “PM” harmonizes with “King” and “Khan”, 3 Kim Il-sung held the very title of DPRK from 1948 to 1972) to put Yunru’s parents under house arrest in Shanghai to prevent Yunru from being another Zhang-Jian.

“How careful!, like in winter, oh, to wade across a river so,” may be used as a Zhang-Jian’s quote. The sentence and Norio’s “Heaven's net is wide, but lets nothing through” both derive from Laozi’s “Dao De Jing”, which Zhang-Jian has studied. (Here I adopt Hilmar Alquiros’s translation.)

Regenbogen Challenge

RED: Reset the countdown of the players’ superweapon and support powers; no more inverted firepower.

North America

Statue of Liberty Cannon

It should be deployed to toggle between free fire and hold fire mode, otherwise it’s the killer of your own base. @瞌睡附图’s idea is a comment at bilibili.com/read/cv276.

“Athena” is too Greek, thus too “Euro Alliance”. (“Athena” works in Red Alert 3, because RA3 has no subfaction.) I replace it with “Statue of Liberty”: “North American”, check; feminine, check; well-known, check. What’s more, the new name completely suits Freedom Challenge.

So does “Mercury Satellite Uplink”, which I thus simply call “Satellite Uplink”.

In this sense, “Hyperion” isn’t a good name for PA either.

“Archon” is also very Greek, therefore it only applies to EA or general.


I combine 3.3.4’s Boidmachine and Mercury Strike and my own ideas together to make a new version.

1. Boidmachine uses 4* "Quasar" lasers (=2 Aeroblazes) when undeployed, and Boid Strike when deployed.

2. Boid Strike hits precisely like Mercury Strike.

3. Boid Strike is dedicated to siege. Target Painter + A Boid Strike’s central damage + a Navy Seal’s C4 should destroy any building?

4. Boid Strike increases the firepower of Statue of Liberty Cannons like Mercury Strike.

5. Boid Strike is free.

AI behavior:

In 3.3.4, unlike Irkalla, three Boidmachines do nothing more than one Boidmachine, so AI (Mental Boost) doesn’t build more than one. Now, AI may have even five Boidmachines to defend its airspace.

Freedom Challenge (new version)

1. Permanently buffed Statue of Liberty Cannons.

2. Lionhearts. And Replace Tech Airfields with Runways. -- Paradrops shouldn’t be NA’s feature in MO.

3. Faster enemy infantry and vehicles.

4. Constant Target Painter.

Euro Alliance


Suppressor belongs to EA to further manifest EA’s “firepower calculation”.


Teleport should be some hero’s feature. And Siegfried had better teleport. His weapon and stats may be modified accordingly.

Every kind of ordinary infantry features should also be applied to heroes, except sacrifice and disguise.

Haloed Thor

Haloed Thor is NOT #Super Thor.

Haloed Thor’s two weapons are as the same as ordinary Thor’s. And Lightning Rod boosts Haloed Thor’s firepower, too.

The dazzle of Haloed Thor is its HP 2000 (or even 2500?), Heavy Aircraft.

Haloed Thor is anti-disguise.

Timekiller Challenge (new version)

1. Permanently buffed Thors and Haloed Thors.

2. The enemy's Force Shield recharge time is halved.

3. The enemy's Backwarp recharge time is halved.

4. Faster rate of fire of all enemy units.

5. Quickshifters.

6. Sammy Stallion.

Aberration Challenge (my suggestions)

1. The players’ radars are always jammed.

2. There’re permanent lightning storms above the players’ ore area, like the map “Maelstrom”.

3. Chrono Prisons.

4. #Paladin Tank Destroyers.

5. A large quantity of Cryo Mines and/or Anti-tank Mines.

The Soviet Empire

“Empire” is more suitable than “Union” in the context of “Havana Kingdom”, “Russian Khanate” and “Prime Minister of KK”. “Building the Soviet Empire” is what HK/RK/KK MCV says.

AFH (Air Force Headquarters)

I remove “Command” from “Air Force Command Headquarters” because: 1 “Commander” is considered to be exclusive to Allied, while AFH now belongs to Soviet; 2 the old one might be a little lengthy, especially when you need to add something.

Naval Mine Paradrop

Naval Mines not only should apply to “seas” but also should apply to “rivers” and “pools” to damage Epsilon Elites and Sweepers alike, when a Shipyard is not an option.

Tesla Trooper, Chain Tesla Trooper, Desolator, Eradicator

Weak Desolator + strong Tesla Trooper has several benefits:

1. HK, RK and KK all have special T3 none-hero infantry (Arsonist; Gyrocopter; Chain Tesla Trooper) and special T2 “infantry” (Bomb Mentor, WP Pyro, Mortar Quad; Eradicator; Airborne Team).

2. Now that ordinary Tesla Trooper has EMP and Chain Tesla Trooper somewhat replaces a hero, they’d better be T3.

3. Both Yunru and Centurion need strong companions, and strong Chain Tesla Trooper is a better solution than strong Desolator.

There’s no need to list up their stats interchange. Their features are still theirs, such as Desolator / Eradicator still can eliminate tanks within Tank Bunkers, Tesla Trooper / Chain Tesla Trooper still can charge Tesla Coils.

Demolition Truck


Smoky Demo: emits smoke in a radius of 8 when exploding, which halves enemy firepower. -- “It will be a smoking crater!” as the driver says.


Irradiative Demo: has constant radiation (like Eradicator); is immune to radiation; generates a radiation field when exploding (similar to Yuri’s Revenge or a smaller area).


EMP Demo: is immune to EMP; emits EMP in a radius of 8 when exploding.

Havana Kingdom

WP Pyro

@一家之主风见幽香’s white phosphorus idea is in the paper “【简谈】对于心灵终结335的对战平衡性设计理念以及其中的过程和细节” (bilibili.com/read/cv276).

Bomb Mentor

Compare the basic stats of Bomb Apprentice, Bomb Mentor and Bloatick:

HP: 150; 150; 100.

Armor type: Flak; Plate?; Animal.

Speed: 8; 9? (10 may be imba); 10.

Sight radius: 6; 7; 7.

Cost: NA($100); $400?; $400.

Train time: NA; 0:12?; 0:09.

Damage: 150-75; 150-75; 150-37.5.

Damage rate:

Attack range: 1.73, radius 2; 1.73, radius 2; 1.73, radius 3.

Special abilities: Capture depiloted vehicles; Capture depiloted vehicles and vessels, amphibious, emit smoke when exploding; generate poison clouds, heal in poison clouds, immune to mind-control, Spy alike cannot disguise them as Bloatick.

Bomb Biker doesn’t server my purpose, so I develop a new unit, but I have no problem to use the name and image of Bomb Biker, if you like.


3.3.4’s Morales summons X-MiGs to siege: 1 it doesn’t display HK’s “fireworks”; 2 it messes up other subfaction’s nuclear feature; 3 it is the very opposite of “harassment and sabotage”, because Morales has to stand still to wait X-MiGs while the enemies know clearly which building is being targetted.

My idea “Time incendiary explosive ejector” solves all the problems. Morales now can ejector an Ivan’s explosive to an enemy’s building from range 15 and immediately run away (now Speed 8 or amphibious). The adversary is irritated by the tick-tock, but has little to do or even doesn’t know which building has been targetted (if lacking certain methods). After a while, “Fireworks for everyone!”

Morales’s Speed increase from 7 to 8 (Plan A).

Cyborg Culpeo

Cyborg Culpeo is HK’s version of Chitzkoi.

Morales’s weapon is long and slow, whereas Cyborg Culpeo’s weapon is short and fast: they complement each other.

Cyborg Culpeo is equipped with "Schturm" missiles (= an empty Catastrophe) to fight air units.

Another interesting new feature is Cyborg Culpeo emits smoke in a radius of 8 when killed, which halves enemy firepower for 12 in-game seconds.

To balance these improvements, Cyborg Culpeo loses the ability to clear garrisoned structure (of which Tanya has sole ownership now).

Plan A

Cyborg Culpeo is amphibious and able to parasitize vessels. MO’s Giant Squid has lost the ability to grapple ships, let’s make Cyborg Culpeo somewhat inherit this lost feature.

To balance the amphibious ability, Cyborg Culpeo‘s HP reduces from 500 to 400?

Plan B

Instead of Cyborg Culpeo, Morales is amphibious and able to depilot most T1 and T2 vessels, including subs (then Bomb Mentors can capture them).

If Morales is amphibious, his Speed is still 7.

Note: If vessels can be depiloted, HK should have Dreadnought, and KK should have ScU Missile Sub. Then vessels also should be able to hijack and hijackers can swim?

“Culpeo” is a native South American fox species.

zj 1.0.6: Plan B seems to be better.


To differ from Scorpion Cell, Havana Kingdom needs some expensive units and more suicide units.

Armadillo, as well as WP Pyro, is not only valuable but also in HK’s flame style.

$1200, HP 700, Speed 6, Turn rate 5, Transport slots 6. Now Armadillo merely has one more flamethrower, uses White Phosphorus and costs $200 more, compared with Borillo.

It’s not very wise to still give Armadillo to Korea-Kashmir. And now there’s no necessity to introduce a new vehicle (South American Tapir, as @一家之主风见幽香 suggests). In fact, “armadillos” mainly live in Central and South America, and the word itself comes from Spanish; whereas “tapir” comes from French.

Flame Tower

1. Improved to T2, HP 650 →850, Attack range 6.5 → 8, Cost $500 → $1000.

2. White Phosphorus.

Moltencore Challenge

1. Initial WP Pyros for Catastrophe Tanks.

2. Add Flint Westwood.

3. Add some AFHs, and replace Syckles with Virgins.

4. Replace Bomb Biker reinforcement with Bomb Mentor reinforcement.

Russian Khanate

All RK special units (except RK MCV) are immune to radiation: Eradicator, Krukov, Rhino Tank, Irradiative Demolition Truck, Khan Nuclear Cannon, Sentinel, Io-549 Siege Chopper.

Khan Nuclear Cannon

Of course, Khan Nuclear Cannon and Tesla Cruiser should interchange their basic stats, and I’ve already listed some.

It’s a little weird that a unit is named after a female deity (“Nüwa”) while dubbed by a male (Gabriel Wolf). Therefore I re-name it “Khan Nuclear Cannon” to fit both its new affiliation (Russian Khanate) and its voice actor.


Krukov’s Radiation gun also can eliminate tanks within Tank Bunkers.

Krukov’s Laser Designator’s Attack range is 12 (=#Boris) not 15.

Krukov is constantly leaking radiation around him, just like Eradicator.

Krukov no longer has Smoke bombs.

Nuclear Kirov Flagship (NKF)

The epic’s HP, Armor type, Speed, etc. are all equal to ordinary Kirov Airship. (I guess HP 3000 might be imbalance.)

The critical change is Flagship’s weapons are 2*SPM3 (against air) + Mini-nuke (against ground).

SPM3 can fire on the move.

AI behavior:

1. AI’s Flagship only bombards the enemy’s main Construction Yard. Flagship’s Attack range is 1 with radius 9, whereas 3.3.4’s M.A.D.M.A.N.’s is 16. So 3.3.4’s AI still cannot use M.A.D.M.A.N. properly, but AI at least won’t use Flagship to destroy itself.

2. Unlike #Stalin’s Fist, AI is allowed to train several NKFs.

Atomheart (Plan A)

It temporarily increases the speed and armor of Nuclear Kirov Flagship and Krukov (and X-MiGs?).

Fission Speed Up (Plan B)

It temporarily increases the speed of all kinds unclear units: Desolator, Eradicator, Krukov, #Cyborg Vanguard, Space Commando, Irradiative Demolition Truck, Khan Nuclear Cannon, Apocalypse Tank, #Super Apocalypse Tank, Wormqueen, X-MiG?, Nuclear Kirov Flagship.

Battlecity Challenge

1. Replace Tesla Overcharge effect with permanent Atomheart effect on Nuclear Kirov Flagship and Krukov (and X-MiGs?).

2. Replace Stalin’s Fists with Topol-Ms with mini-nukes.


All KK special units (except KK MCV) are immune to EMP: Chain Tesla Trooper, Yunru, Qilin Tank, Tiger APC, EMP Demolition Truck, Tesla Cruiser, Scud Launcher, Centurion Tesla Crawler.


Raising Yunru’s HP prominently so that using Yunru outside Centurion also makes sense.

Yunru must deploy to attack, so her HP should be higher.

Centurion, Apocalypse, Virgin, Wormqueen

Centurion’s 420 mm Tesla-enhanced cannon is similar to 3.3.4’s Apocalypse.

Now that KK has Scud Launcher, Centurion might as well has less damage to buildings and more damage to units.

Now Apocalypse’s 2* 125mm Nuke-enhanced cannons is similar to Khan Nuclear Cannon.

In 3.3.4: Syckle’s two features, radiation and Iron Curtain, are all Soviet; meanwhile, none of stolen units uses Chemical weapons. So I replace Syckle’s 2* Rad cannons with 2* Chemical cannons. Now Syckle can attack both ground units and buildings.

zj 1.0.7: Now I invent a new sort of pad airplane, Virgin, to replace Syckle.

Virgin uses Virgin virus sniper rifle, which can randomly pick ONE additional infantryman (inheriting the feature of 3.3.4’s Foxtrot, but targeting with accuracy).

Ammunition: 2(+2). Virgin, like Virus, can target both ground infantry and vehicles, but the additional darts only target infantry.

Like Virus, Virgin’s attack range is 11, and Virgin doesn’t reveal position when attacking.

Virgin is invulnerable when parking on airfields. -- Airfields are rather vulnerable though, be careful.

Virgin should be dubbed by a male.

See Dybbuk-Jobseeker below for Virgin’s stats I suggest.

Lionheart and Seitaad already use Tesla / EMP, so Wormqueen is redesigned to use 2* Rad cannons against ground units and 2* Flamethrowers against buildings. (Among stolen tech units, Apocalypse and Wormqueen are equipped with nuclear weapons.)

Since Wormqueen is subterranean, its minimum attack range should reduce from 5.5 to 1.

ScU Missile Sub

“ScU” is the short form of “Sichuan University”.

I choose “ScU” to name the sub because: 1 ScU is in Korea-Kashmir; 2 ScU is my alma mater; 3 “ScU” and “Sub” are in alliteration and three letters.

By the way, “Akula” (Russian: Акула) means shark, but shark is the emblem of the Foehn Revolt. Hence it’s unwise to name a Soviet unit as “Akula”.

Tesla Overcharge

It temporarily boosts the potency of Tesla / EMP weapons, except EMP Mine and EMP Demolition Truck: Tesla Coil, Tesla Trooper, Chain Tesla Trooper, Tesla Cruiser, Lionheart, Seitaad Airship(?) and Volkov.

Everest Challenge (new)

Ironwall Challenge sounds cool, and I guess it might be the Challenge vs KK. Nevertheless, I still come up with the name.

1. In the beginning the players’ bases are already surrounded by a string of Battle Bunkers.

2. Constant infantry paradrops with Wolfhounds escort. Each enemy owns several Tech Paratrooper Liaison Offices.

3. Numerous Dragonflies.

4. Permanent Tesla Overcharge effect on Chain Tesla Troopers, Tesla Cruisers and Centurions.

5. Irondragons.

6. EMP Mines.

Revolution Challenge

1. Replace Topol-M with one Stalin’s Fist for each subfaction.

2. Only ordinary Kirov reinforcement.

3. Replace Bomb Biker reinforcement with Mortar Quad reinforcement.

Note: Stalin’s Fist trains T1 tanks related the owner’s initial subfaction. As in the mission “Retaliation”, two Proselytes use the two Stalin’s Fists to produce SC tanks.

The Epsilon Domain

1. “Army” now belongs to “Pacific Armies”.

2. “Domain” goes along with Psychic Domination.

Nutrient Column

Now each faction has its special ways to heal friendly units.

Heal infantry:

Allied: Field Medic, Backwarp.

Soviet: Drakuv.

Epsilon: Nutrient Column, Stalker (AC), some infantry can heal in poison clouds.

Foehn: Huntress, Devourer (HH).

Neutral: Tech Hospital, Tech Base Expansion Post.

Repair vehicles:

Allied: Engineer IFV/Powersuit, Backwarp.

Soviet: Repair Drone, Repair Crane.

Epsilon: Nutrient Column, some vehicles can heal in poison clouds. (Stinger+Engineer is too repetitive.)

Foehn: Minermite, Nanocharge (LH).

Neutral: Tech Machine Shop, Tech Base Expansion Post.

My modification is better than @SOSolacex’s, which assigns Field Medic to Epsilon (bilibili.com/video/av45 or mega.nz/#, the latter of which I have no access to, what a shame).

@一家之主风见幽香’s idea, a new Foehn unit “纳米修复者”, rapidly healing friendly infantry, hasn’t persuaded me.

It’s said that 3.3.5’s Rage no longer heals infantry. The idea gets along with my idea.

Caustic Column

Caustic Column’s some kind of T1 defense tower. It is effective against armor, mediocre against infantry, and weak against buildings.

Infantry killed by Caustic Column release poison clouds.

Initiate, Energy Tower, Marauder, Antares Battery

There’s no problem for Yuri’s Revenge to say Initiates use fire. However, it’s confusing for Mental Omega to say some Epsilon arsenals are “fire”, “inferno” and “thermal”, because this feature is supposed to be HK. So let’s say Initiate, Energy Tower and Marauder use some sorts of psychic energy, as Adept, Elite and Yuri. There, I fixed it. Er, it would be better if the colour for their weapon visuals turn purple.

Antares Battery is more complicated. “Antares” is Alpha Scorpii, so set it uses "Antares" acid beam.


Grinder should need Power to work. In this sense, Mobile Grinder isn’t a good idea.

Dybbuk-Mutator, Dybbuk-Evolver

One Dybbuk-E’s damage to infantry should equal to two Foxtrots’.

Bloatick and Dybbuk-M should balance each other: on the one hand, Bloaticks can destroy Aerodomes easily; on the other hand, a Dybbuk-M can kill a group of Bloaticks easily.


To balance Dybbuk-S’s and Yuri’s ability of mind-controlling buildings, we may set more buildings are immune to mind-control?

Scorpion Cell

All SC special units (except SC MCV and Fake SC MCV) are immune to poison: Hijacker, Malver, Mantis Tank, Speeder Trike, Tyrant, Plague Splatter, Oxidizer, Dybbuk-Jobseeker.

All poison units can heal in poison clouds: Dunerider, Bloatick, Virus, Malver, Stinger, Mantis Tank, Tyrant, Plague Splatter, Virgin, Dybbuk-Jobseeker.


Oxidizer had better NOT be amphibious.

Yes, SC needs some more unit to be amphibious, then it should be Malver.

Yes, Oxidizer needs to be better, then the improvement is that it can target ground units (only units, not including buildings) too.

Furthermore, Oxidizer needs to enter Tank Bunker, which may be incompatible with being amphibious.

Meanwhile, Plague Splatter no longer reduces enemies’ armor, but can heal in poison clouds.

My idea (Oxidizer becomes both anti-air and anti-ground) is better than @Frogician’s and @SOSolacex’s (Stinger reduces enemies’ armor).


I introduce this completely new sort of epic.

Because epic is limited to one to each player, all kinds of airfields as well as Runway are immune to capture and mind-control, and Tech Airfield is replaced by Tech Paratrooper Liaison Office.

Dybbuk-J is always cloaked and invisible on enemy radar like Malver.

Dybbuk-J won’t trigger EVA’s “Our base is under attack” and “Our ally is under attack”?

Dybbuk-J can attack both air units (like Dybbuk-Interceptor, but the ammunition is limited) and ground units (like Dybbuk-Attacker, but using Poisonous pills mainly against buildings).

Attacking air and attacking ground share the same ammunition.

Compare Dybbuk-J, Dybbuk-S and Virgin:

HP: 280?; 420; 200.

Speed: 40(jet)=Stallion?; 18(jet)?; 45(jet)=Norio?.

Armor: Light Aircraft; Medium Aircraft?; Light Aircraft.

Special protection: always cloaked, invisible on enemy radar; cloaked, but reveal to “attack”; invulnerable when not acting.

Ammunition: 30?; 2; 2(+2).

Accuracy: like Tyrant?; 100%; 100%.

Cost: $3000; $2000; $2000.

Despite the fact that Dybbuk-J and Virgin can heal in poison clouds, airfields are highly vulnerable to poison clouds.

Because Toxic Mine Paradrop, Dybbuk-J, and Virgin are introduced, Dybbuk-Striker (Toxic Strike) is cancelled.

Now the Dybbuk aircraft series contain: -A (Attacker), -C (Crasher), -E (Evolver), -I (Interceptor), -J (Jobseeker), -M (Mutator), -T (Transporter), -S (Seizer). In addition, there’s a related “building”, #Dybbuk Hive.


Tip: 1. Let your opponent infiltrate your Fake Aerodome, then catch your opponent off guard. 2. Only build the cheap Fake Aerodome to feint.

As I’ve said, Bloodhounds should belong to SC to manifest SC’s “sheer number”. However, we shouldn’t emphasize SC’s “sheer number” and AC’s “illusion” too much, otherwise we should interchange Malver and poison with Rahn and gene, which is not a bright idea.

Fake Aerodome

Tip: use Chimera Cores to cloak Dybbuks, then your opponents can hardly tell the fake from the real.

Contagion Challenge

1. Add constant Bloodhounds with Toxic Invaders escort.

2. Delete Dybbuk-Strikes.

3. Add a Fake Construction Yard to each AI in the beginning.

4. Replace toxic barrels with Toxic Mines.

5. Add 2 Tech Reinforcement Pads for each AI.

Psi Corps

Mastermind, Psychic Tower, Yuri

Only ordinary levitating air units (e.g. Gyrocopter, Pteranodon, including Stallion) can be mind-controlled. The other air units (e.g. Norio, Hornet, Black Eagle, X-MiG, Irkalla, Peregrine Falcon, missile) are all immune to mind-control.

In old version, Mastermind can mind-control Barracuda but cannot mind-control Rocketeer. Now Mastermind can mind-control Rocketeer but cannot mind-control Barracuda. The goal is to encourage players to use pad airplanes.

Now the only two air units that Epsilon Adept and Elite can mind-control are Stallion Transport and Io-549 Siege Chopper, when they’re on land.

Gravity Beam Emitter, Gravity Field, Nautilus

“Magnetic” is an awful name, when there’s “Electromagnetic Pulse”, and they have quite different functions, such as the former can heavily damage buildings, but the latter can’t. What’s worse, Nautilus is both immune to “Magnetic” and vulnerable to EMP, and “Magnetron” is even EMP sunk.

I introduce “Gravity” to distinguish from EMP and manifest PC’s Gravity feature.

We may say most infantry’s mass is too low to affect, whereas armors and buildings are vulnerable.

Note: Yunru, Libra, epic, Gravity Beam Emitter and Nautilus are all NOT immune. The center of Nautilus’s gravity field is hollow, so the field doesn’t drag the Nautilus. However, a Nautilus can trap other Nautiluses, even friendly ones. Correspondingly, Nautilus’s Gravity Field needs manual deploying.

Purgatory Challenge

1. Yuri certainly appears.

2. Add Space Commando.

Antarctic Castles


“So, you think you can compete?” is better used when when under fire than when selected.

“Join me! It's not too late!” is better used when ordered to attack than when under fire.

“Haha, the worthy specimens!” is better than “Haha, a worthy specimen!”, in consideration of Rahn’s AOE.

Colossus, Irkalla, Basilisk-AC, Polar Resheph (Icefish)

All AC units that have AOE and/or poor accuracy had better not have friendly fire, even if they may consequently be dearer (Colossus), less effective (Irkalla), slower (Basilisk-AC) or more time consuming (Polar Resheph) -- or losing stealth (Icefish).

Castles In The Air

All friendly AC special aircraft, i.e. Dybbuk-Es, Basilisk-ACs and Irkalla, halves the damage they receive for a period of time, like Kinetic Barrier.

Ascension Challenge

1. Replace Basilisks with Basilisk-ACs.

2. Dybbuk-Es, Basilisk-ACs and Irkallas are permanently buffed.

The Foehn Revolt

I adjust Foehn’s tech tree mainly because:

1. Since Nanofiber Loom provides Nanofiber Sync to upgrade T1 (Plan B: T0) infantry, Huntress should be unlocked by other T2 lab. Nanofiber Loom shouldn’t be the only elevator to reach higher infantry.

2. T2 lab that provides radar unlocks Prim Tower / Tesla Coil / Energy Tower / Railgun Tower.

3. Turmoil Grid and Stun Grid had better be in different tech trees.

Peregrine Falcon

Now all factions have at least one fast airplane.

Buzzard, Stun Grid

“How are you supposed to use Buzzard's stun grid? Since it completely disables the gun on it for the whole duration, wouldn't you just... shoot the infantry? Only (rare) situation I would think it's useful is if you're trying to trap a stealthed infantry or a hero unit you can't hope to defeat.” @Arc137 said.

Now Stun Grid is delivered by Peregrine Falcon, i.e. built from support power. 9 Stun Grids per time, at the target location. The Stun Grid won’t self-destruct, but won’t keep the player in game either if Short Game is enabled.

Clairvoyant, Duplicant, Mole

I agree with @SOSolacex that Foehn had better have a traditional spy. Nevertheless, Clairvoyant had better keep its stunning feature rather than killing infantry.

Clairvoyant is no longer anti-disguise.

Mole is the new Foehn’s spy. Mole receives a speed buff while inside a Spinblade's radius.

Hai Head

Fin, Alize

Fin’s anti-infantry and siege share the same ammunition.

Alize’s anti-air: only attacks aircraft, not including flying infantry; shares the same ammunition with her anti-armor.

Madness Challenge

1. Add massive number of hidden Sweepers, which are always buffed.

2. Delete Irritators.

3. Delete Seitaads.

4. Replace hordes of Clairvoyants with Duplicants.

5. Numerous Diverbees.

Coronian Hurricanes

Draco Tank

@Frogician’s idea is in the paper “我个人对心灵终结平衡性改动的见解” (bilibili.com/read/cv218).


Except superweapons, there should not be any warning. Players must scout, estimate and prepare.

It’s wrong to add the creation announcement of any unit (as @一家之主风见幽香 does).


Like Alanqa and Zorbfloater, Eureka throws vacuum spheres to attack air and ground units.

It’s a joke that the heroine of the subfaction which “rel[ies] on air manipulation and flying weapons” has nothing to do with the air.

Harbinger and Eureka should complement each other, so Eureka had better be set as anti-infantry rather than anti-armor.

Zorbtrotter, Zorbfloater

Plan A

Just like 3.3.4.

Plan B (zj 1.0.7)

If 3.3.4’s Eureka’s Plasma wave needs to incorporated into a unit, Zorbtrotter is an option.

Consequently, Zorbtrotter and Zorbfloater exchange their grades and images.

Last Home

Ouroboros Challenge

1. Add Seitaads, since Ramwagon now is LH epic, and Seitaad Airship’s weapon is Nanofiber threads.

2. Add massive number of M.A.D. Mines and Turmoil Grids.

3. Delete Boidmachines and Sweepers.

Endurance Challenge

Add Arnie Frankenfurter.

Unholy Challenge (new)

Each AI has four MCVs of every faction and all techs (including stolen techs).

Mental AI boost?

Chapter Four

The subfactions’ capitals and example missions happening there:

The Allied Bloc

Pacific Armies

Kyoto (nothing happens in Tokyo): “The Gardener”.

North America

Washington, D.C.: “Red Dawn Rising”.

Euro Alliance

London: “Godsend”.

The Soviet Empire

Havana Kingdom

Havana: “Killing Fields” (redesigned).

Russian Khanate

Moscow: “The Conqueror”.


Shanghai (nothing happens in Beijing): “Power Hunger”.

The Epsilon Domain

Scorpion Cell

Bissau: “Obsidian Sands”.

Psi Corps

Tranquility Base (even Totoya Island is better than Moscow): “Earthrise”.

Antarctic Castles

South Pole: “Hamartia”? “Babel”?

The Foehn Revolt

Hai Head

Kashmir Home Base?: “Thread of Dread”.

Coronian Hurricanes

Coronia: TBD.

Last Home

Alert (the best location, much better than Alaska): TBD (how about “Alert! Alert!”?).

Where and why is Alert?

“Alert, in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada, is the northernmost permanently inhabited place in the world.” (via Wikipedia)

Alert is north of Deven Island, where “Idle Gossip” occurs.

By contrast, Alaska is not north enough (most areas are even out of the Arctic Circle), and too extensive to be a capital.

What’s more, this MOD is based on “Red Alert 2”. How can you imagine a place better than “Alert” itself?

Last Home can be set:

Plan A

The whole strip from Bering Sea to Nares Strait (even Greenland?).

Plan B

Some strongholds between them.

Plan C

Only the area around Alert.

The number of the missions that require to clear all enemies should reduce.

Epsilon Missions

Since Yuri has already “long been criticized by the High Command” and “does not have clearance to the Weapons Protocol” and has to flee after stealing a Stalin’s Fist, it’s weird that the Proselyte commands so many Soviet units, even Soviet MCVs, especially when the operations are behind Soviet’s back. -- All the Soviet’s units can and should either be replaced by Epsilon’s or controlled by AI.

The Proselyte never officially works along with Russians, even if some actions might be temporarily beneficial for RK in one way or two. In fact, the first time the Proselyte enters the inland of Russian Khanate is in “The Conqueror” as a “tourist” to “watch” the Soviet Victory Parade. Before that, the Proselyte merely touches some borders in “Human Shield”, “Focus Shift”, “Brain Reset” and “Moonlight” (not long ago when two Proselytes executed “Television Lie”, Kazakhstan was occupied by NA yet).

Yuri himself isn’t a Russian but a Romanian (“Memory Dealer”). And when the Third Great War starts, he is just a Kremlin adviser and the director of a department (Psi Corps), which Khan Romanov is considering to demolish.

The partners Yuri chooses, from the Proselytes to Rashidi to Malver, are not Russians either. Within RK, Yuri only has his soldiers (Epsilon Adepts) and one friend or two (for the sake of “Brian Reset”).


The Epsilon Adepts needn’t to suicide. Why not return the liner still as “innocents”? If you want no trace, why do you leave bodies?


The only object is to capture or destroy Artillery Bunkers before the RK tank division arrives, and at least one Epsilon Adept lives.

The last thing Yuri wants is that RK uncovers he has a new “comrade” who is no Soviet, especially when Yuri himself is in a “fragile position”.


Plan A: Replace the Borillo with the prototype Driller, which must survive.

Plan B: Replace Epsilon Adepts with Epsilon Elites, at least one Elite must survive. -- We may say Yuri has secretly trained several Elites, and appoint them to the Proselyte. Working for oneself is very different from working for others.

When the Proselyte's funds are collected to 10,000, Rashidi builds up an Epsilon Barracks, as both a show-off of his engineering and a sign to associate himself with Yuri. Now the Proselyte can train Initiates and Archers (and Engineers?).

During the whole mission, the player cannot control Stalin’s Fist and Rashidi, but must protect them. (Rashidi can buff you.)

Rashidi will call in some Mantis Tanks, Gatling Tanks and Piranha Minisubs at certain stages.

“Human Shield”

Since the goal is to use Allied as the human shield, the Epsilon Adepts should use an Allied transport to both arrive and leave. So, at the start, the Proselyte needs to command a Hijacker to get a Stallion, then uses the Stallion to transport the Adepts to the battlefield. At the end, the player needs the Stallion to withdraw.

Aftermath: The Stallion will be used to evacuate Rahn in “Huehuecoyotl”.

“Think Different”

As the partner of KK’s invading force, six Epsilon Adepts reach Kanegawa Industries by a KK’s Borillo. Once Korea-Kashmir establishes its Construction Yard, a horde of Pacific Armies’ engineers will try to capture it. Here the player has two choices.

1. Use psychic blast to help your ally, KK, out. As long as KK keeps its Construction Yard, KK will send plenty of reinforcement periodically, which will finally occupy Kagoshima. All the player needs to do is to infiltrate PA’s Avant-garde Skyscraper (plus Remote Command and Experimental Warpshop now) before they’re destroyed by KK. Your Epsilon Adepts can mind-control either PA’s Spies or KK’s Saboteurs to complete the mission.

2. Mind-control several PA’s engineers, and wait the rest to capture KK’s Construction Yard. Then re-capture KK’s Construction Yard. The player can defeat PA himself/herself, as in 3.3.4. (the only object is to infiltrate the critical buildings though.)

Now the players can really think differently.

“Killing Fields”

In order to gather intelligence on Bomb Mentor and Morales, Rashidi goes to Havana as a “merchant”. Near the success of the espionage, Rashidi is spotted and arrested by Havana Kingdom. And HK is about to execute Rashidi in HK Capital’s killing fields.

Luckily, a group of Epsilon Adepts, as HK’s “ally”, has arrived in Havana. They want some condemned prisoners for experiments, and visit the killing fields.

The Proselyte must find Rashidi and escort him into the cargo plane within a limited time and without any conflict (you mustn’t kill anyone and Rashidi must avoid any HK’s fire before aboard). For instance, when two Tesla Troopers (Attack range 7.5) are charging a Tesla Coil (Attack range 8), an Adept can mind-control one Tesla Trooper and move it somewhere else, then Rashidi can pass through the side.

How about the player cannot control Rashidi during the mission and he automatically walk to the cargo plane after the Proselyte meet him in the prison, like in “Focus Shift”? (The mechanism is the player and HK are allies, while Rashidi is the enemy of the two.) I heard Ares has been fixing the pathfinding AI, I wish it success.

Aftermath: Digesting the information obtained from HK, Rashidi and Yuri are able to train Bloaticks and Viruses.

“Focus Shift” (zj 1.0.7)

The two Topol-M Launchers are hidden by RK, not by Yuri. However, RK, Yuri and KK all know their whereabouts. -- If Yuri first had hidden the Launchers and later handed them over to Kremlin, then he voluntarily confessed he had committed the crime that was more serious than stealing a Stalin’s Fist.

Only after KK riots, Epsilon Adepts and the Proselyte are expediently allowed to enter Kemerovo Oblast. Even so, none of RK’s arsenal, from the Topol-M Launcher to the Repair Drone, is directly under the player’s command.

Thanks to the chaos, the Soviet General pays little attention to the Proselyte.

“Brain Reset” (zj 1.0.7)

Let’s say the Soviet General who is in charge of Southern Primorsky Krai happens to be a friend of Yuri’s. Besides Yuri is still a senior cadre, at least nominally. So the Palace here, which is far from Moscow, “is within PsiCorps' reach”, and the two Proselytes, on Yuri’s behalf, have a chance to “help” the general in the face of the invasion.

Aftermath: The general is purged because of the loss of Southern Primorsky Krai and his (or her?) personal ties with Yuri.

“Rush Tactics”

Player A uses Invaders (Plan B: Dybbuk-As).

Player B uses Bloodhounds.

No more Soviet MCVs at all.

“Moonlight” (zj 1.0.7)

Instead of being offered a RK MCV, the player can train RK MCV after capturing both RK War Factory and T2.

Aftermath: Although Russians now know Yuri was behind recent events, they still don’t know the Proselyte standing beside Yuri. And they won’t declare Yuri as an enemy, because they need to lie to the entire world that Yuri’s psychic and gene techs are components of their arsenal. No matter, Yuri now invite you to enjoy the amalgamation of fire (the Sahara) and ice (the Antarctic) with him.

“The Conqueror” (zj 1.0.7)

The reinforcements sent by Drillers should not contain any Soviet soldier.

Rather than an Epsilon Construction Yard, the player is given some engineers.

“Obsidian Sands” (zj 1.0.7)

Rashidi should own the Stalin’s Fist, which Yuri gave to him.

Rashidi should have some NA weapons, too, like in “Ghost Hunt”.

Rashidi should also command a pack of Foehn troops, not just one Jackal Racer. After all, he is a co-founder of the Foehn Revolt.

Fan missions can have whatever sets the authors like. However, the official missions had better not contradict the subfaction frame, which the skirmish relies on. -- Of course, it’s not a big issue, even though they’re different.

Rashidi may change his allegiance from time to time, even become of the boss of Foehn. KK may usurp RK’s throne of the Soviet Empire. Everyone may win or lose. Anyway, they are all backgrounds.

However, SC and Malver had better belong to Epsilon at the end of the day, no matter whether Epsilon, including SC, finally succeeds or fails. We may set Malver breaks up with Rashidi and the remain SC splits. The part following Rashidi, which may also include some Americans, is integrated into Foehn. The other part, after “Neuromancers” and “Nightcrawler”, still holds the name and the territory, as a subfaction of Epsilon. And Malver, (re)affirming “My blade for Yuri”, becomes the new leader of SC.

Similarly, Yunru founds Foehn and forsakes KK, but she eventually rejoins KK, perhaps for the sake of her parents, to whom KK’s carrot and stick approach works. zj 1.0.6: Perhaps the Prime Minister of KK is mind-controlled, and this is a trap. Perhaps Rashidi is marginalizing Yunru within Foehn.

So do Norio and Zhang-Jian. If they die, they had better die as PA’s infantry.

Fan Missions

“Blaze [a] Trail” (《筚路蓝缕》 by @盖世侠盗v)


If a hero/heroine is able to disguise himself/herself, then spies alike can mimic the hero/heroine, which fails to agree with one general set of MO.

My discussions with the author: bilibili.com/read/cv333

Chapter Five

CNC Multiplayers

I can play single player mode, and I can chat on CNC, but I can’t play with other people on CNC, because others’ loading bars are always 0%, even if DTA Client has been allowed through firewall.


Sometimes when I click at the bottom of the screen (full screen), I’ll click on the Windows 10 taskbar instead.

Malver’s Suppression

It sometimes doesn’t affect flying units, particularly when flying units enter the area after Malver is deployed.

Sometimes Hai Head trains Bison Tanks, Scorpion Cell builds Geneplug.

Postscript (zj 1.0.0)

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I also wrote “Zhang Jian's MOD of ‘Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun’” (in English) last year.

I created my version of Xiangqi / Chinese Chess.

Zhang Jian

2019-09-09 Monday

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为什么爱啊 是因为自己倾注心血搞出来的东西 每一处细致入微的细节 都让人享受不已

为什么恨啊 辣鸡三轮搞的乱七八糟的脑洞太多了(具体有什么都忘了 反正一直抱怨) 还有他的美工水平真让人无法理解